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(NOTE: "Conejo" pronounced 'kon-a-ho (n) is the Spanish word for "rabbit", hence the logo design at left, and was the name given by the early Spanish explorers in the early 1700's when they came through the valley and noticed the thousands of jack rabbits that lived here, thus designating this area the "Conejo Valley")

Serving Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Moorpark, Simi Valley and neighboring communities in and near the Conejo Valley area of Ventura County in Southern California

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The Conejo Gem and Mineral Club (CGMC) is a non-profit organization run by volunteers.  The Club promotes and extends the knowledge of minerals, geology, fossils, lapidary arts and associated fields.

Click here for a map to our Club Meetings & Lapidary Shop

The CGMC was founded in 1971, and is a member of both the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies and the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies.


Conejo Gem & Mineral Club Information:

Members typically have an interest or involvement in mineralogy, geology, paleontology, rock cutting, faceting, polishing, making cabochons, collect rocks, minerals or fossils specimens. Come to the Conejo Gem and Mineral Club and become a member of one the largest hobby groups in the United States

Club Meetings: The 2nd Thursday of every month, 7:30pm, (Youth program starts at 7pm) at the Hillcrest Arts Center, 403 West Hillcrest Drive in Thousand Oaks, CA. Across from the Oaks Mall. These 2-hour get-togethers involve a brief business announcements portion followed by a 20 minute social time serving cookies, juice, coffee. You can check out what was found on the last field trip and what you can find on the next. There is a monthly raffle, Then a 45 minute program given by a guest speaker sharing their knowledge on geology, jewelry making, rock, mineral and fossil collecting, volcanology, paleontology and many other fascinating subjects. There are many different interests for members to check out at our club, we’re not just rock hounds. Members are involved in jewelry, wire wrapping, bead making, geology, fossils, minerals and lapidary arts. During the business section, youths are invited to attend a separate program where they can learn some science or a craft. We have programs for younger members to further their knowledge of earth science, geology and rock/mineral/fossil collecting. Let us know what interests you have and we will introduce you to members with similar interests. We print a monthly bulletin for our members to keep them up to date on club happenings. There is also a modest library for members to freely expand their interests.

Summertime, July Sunday, noon to 4pm. we have a Picnic/BBQ at the park, information below. Ice Cream social in August, Silent Auction in November and in December a Christmas party, they are a lot of fun. Our club is very family orientated so the whole family can participate in a fun hobby together and get some exercise in the out doors. Operating funds are generated from membership fees and proceeds from our annual show held April 16th,17th 2016 called the Pageant of a Thousand Gems (follow the link for more details).

We put on an annual Gem and Mineral show, participate in the Gem and Mineral Department exhibits at the Ventura County Fair, and support other Gem and Mineral Clubs by displaying when we are invited. We are members of the Arts Council of the Conejo Valley, the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies (regional) and the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies (national).

Lapidary Shop: Available for members who would like to cut and polish rocks and minerals. We have a 24” saw, a Trim saw, 2 Genie polishing machines, a fine polish wheel, 18" Rociprolap, Large Gripper.

Field Trips: Each month we have field trips, some local day trips, others overnight camping/motel. At the club meeting you can check out the rocks, minerals and fossils that have been collected on field trips. To give you an idea of the rocks, minerals and fossils you might find, check out the specimens brought in to each monthly meeting. You don’t have to be very experienced. There are many members willing to share in their knowledge of collecting rocks, minerals and fossils. We have many different types of field trips for all ages, so there is always something for everyone.

Please send us an e-mail if you have any questions or would like further information not found in this site. Webpage related concerns may be directed to the same e-mail. Contact information is below.



Here are some current & upcoming things involving our club. If you read this or have something to say let me know. My e-mail is below. If you e-mail me things I can probably copy paste and add to the "Happenings"

April 2016:

Club Meeting- April 14th 7:30pm Hillcrest Art Center, 403 Hillcrest Drive. Thousand Oaks Click here for a map to our Club Meetings & Lapidary Shop

Youth programs. Start 7pm, club meeting 7:30pm.

The Board of Directors meeting will be April 21st 7:30pm Thursday, at the Hillcrest Arts Center.

The Prez Sez: Robert Sankovich

Our CGMC show is not too far away, April 16th, 17th with the set up on the 15th. We’re going to need help from members. Right now I'm doing the exhibits forms which are below. I need someone to take that position. I'm doing Show Chair and Dealers Chair. We’re going to have a exhibit in the T.O. Library in April, if you are interested in putting something in, let me know. Publicity is very important. All members can help out with flyers to friends, family, businesses. I would like to see a member be an Asst. Chairman, to learn and become a future Show Chairman. If everyone helps out, it's easier to do our show. It's important that more than one person knows how to do a position, These Chair Committee positions are open; Assistant Chairman, Exhibits Chair, Kitchen Chair, Security, Facilities – Setup/Take down, Facilities - Electrical, Silent Auction, Moving (equipment from and to storage). Any way you can help out is appreciated. It’s our show and that means all members should be helping out. We’re also going to need donations from members for our grab bags and silent auction.When you go on field trips pick up some extra rocks and donate them.

Other shows: Ventura Gem & Mineral Society. CFMS Tri Club Show at the Ventura County Fair Grounds .

We still need these positions filled in our Club: Field trips and Programs.

Our website was down and it took some time to get our domain again. But the website is now up and being updated. Committee chairs, please send me your information for the website.

Robert Sankovich

Programs: Deb Sankovich:

Conejo Gem & Mineral Club General meeting will be at 7.30 at the Hillcrest Arts Center.

April - General meeting will be April 14th and the Board Meeting will be April 21th at 7.00 pm.

Deb Sankovich
(805) 494-7734

Lawrenc Killough, Ways & Means Chairperson. Our raffle at the meeting

Pebble Pups: Youth Program Coordinator Mary Ellen Borchart: The youth and club meeting will be at 6:35pm.

Community Education Coordinator

Membership: Deb Sankovich VP

Membership dues for 2016 are now overdue if you have not paid your annual dues for the year, you will no longer be receiving the Rocky Review newsletter or reaping the benefits of the club. CGMS needs to settle our accounts with our larger umbrella organization, the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies (CFMS). A portion of each member's CGMC dues goes as dues to CFMS, as well to the insurance policy provided by CFMS, and the club will need to pay that early in 2016. April 7th meeting or mail your membership payment to Deb Sankovich as soon as possible at the address below. Thank you!


Our current membership as of April 30th is 115 adult members and 11 Pebble Pups for a total of 125 members. However, of these members only 52 adult members and 11 Pebble Pups have renewed their dues for 2016.


Deb Sankovich,VP
Membership CGMC
1961 Havenwood Drive
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

The following members will serve as elected officers for 2016
President: Robert Sankovich
Programs: Barbara Buffin1st Vice-President
Field Trips: Chuck Borchart, Robert Sankovich 2nd Vice Presidents
Membership: 3rd Vice-President Deb Sankovich
Editor: 4th Vice-President Kevin Lake
Treasurers: Sal Scarpato
Secretary: Sandra Mahoney
Federation Director: Mike Havstad

Appointed officers for 2016
Art Council: To be announced
Community Education: Mitty Scarpato
Historian: To be announced
Librarian: To be announced
Parliamentarian: To be announced
Publicity: Deb Sankovich
Refreshments: To be announced
Shop Foremen: Robert Sankovich, Manny Valdez, Mike Miller, Chuck Borchart, Kevin Lake, Eric Stokes
Show Chairman: Robert Sankovich
Ways & Means: Mitty Scarpato, Delfina Bucaria, Diane Jorgensen
Website: Robert Sankovich
Workshop Coordinator: To be announced
Youth Program Coordinator: Jenny Dunehew

3/1 Mike Gregory
3/3 Joe Santos
3/6 Butch Price
3/14 Roy Foester
3/15 Randall Swanson
3/16 Kaden Franco
3/19 Bruce Bach
3/26 Rafi Bikovsky
3/27 Jacob Ross

Field Trips Upcoming: Please let us know if you are going to go on the field trip. The weather can change, if we don’t know your going we won’t be able to contact you if the field trip is cancelled. There will be maps and flyers at the club meetings. There are still people who show up for the field trip without notifying us, you can still be part of the field trip, but it is important that you let us know your going to attend. Please let us know if your going to attend, e-mail or call us. I have new truck, it's a white Ford F250 four wheel drive, crew cab, if your looking for me, look for my truck.
Robert Sankovich 805-494-7734,

Chuck Borchart 805-551-9946

Upcoming Field Trips 2016:

For more info contact :

Robert Sankovich 805-494-7734,

Chuck Borchart 805-551-9946


Mike Havstad Federation Director.

Clubs of Ventura County plan to have a huge kids’ area at this year’s CFMS Show, an area focused around a theme of dinosaurs, so there will be lots of fun and informative activities for kids to do after they set up their displays. We encourage all junior members of the Oxnard, Ventura, and Conejo clubs—and all CFMS clubs—to enter a display and go for a President’s Award!
Jim Brace-Thompson, CFMS Juniors Activities Chair

Lapidary Shop:
The 24" saw need some work, All other equipment is operational. If you want to use the shop, contact: Foremen: Robert Sankovich, Manny Valdez, Mike Miller, Chuck Borchart, Kevin Lake, Eric Stokes. The time is flexible, You call us and we can set up a time that works for you and the shop foreman. I bought a Gripper tool at Quartzsite, it fits into our 24" saw clamp and using a 3 prong type arms it can grip rounded and odd shapped roacks, I plan on using it on my uncut geodes and nodules. I won't have put them in plaster to cut them. I have tried the gripper and it works great, grabs the nodules and makes it a lot easier to cut them in the saw.

Manuel Valdez 805-492-1609
Mike Miller 805-530-3744
Robert Sankovich 805-494-7734

Chuck Borchart 805-551-9946

The club has bought a used 18" Rociprolap made by Rose Enterprises. It's cast iron and heavy. The whole thing probably weighs 100lbs. There are two parts, the pan, and the base. We will now be able to polish larger stones, slabs, geode/nodules. It will need to run through several grit stages and polish, that will take time so we will make it so you will check it out and use it at your house. If your interested, contact him. We have to make a user manual.

CGMC IS ON FACEBOOK It will be good to promote our club and show. Check it out. From John:
I set up a FANs of Page on Facebook for CGAMC. Any members that are on Facebook can become a fan and send the link to all of their friends on FB and so on... Any fan can then post whatever to the page that might be of interest. I am fairly new to FB but it works well for my Photography Workshops I am organizing. Hope it works for
the club. Email me if you have any questions.
Here is the link:
Thanks. Take care!


Robert Sankovich
President, Show Chairman

Deb Sankovich
VP Membership



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